"I'd love to workout and improve my health, but my diabetes gets in the way!" If you've ever said that to yourself, this program is for YOU.

Get Ready.

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Wellness and fitness designed exclusively for women with diabetes:

  • Group coaching
  • Inclusive journal for all of our health and fitness needs
  • Low carb recipes and meal plans
  • Workouts designed with US in mind with modifications for all
  • Access to LIVE and recorded workouts
  • One-on-one goal setting call
  • Access to our private community

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Hi, I'm Mary Van Doorn.

Working with thousands of women with diabetes across the globe has provided me with unique insight into what our sisterhood needs to make significant gains in our physical and emotional health. As a certified personal trainer, diabetes paraprofessional, and the founder of the Sugar Mama Strong diabetes support community, I've created a program that fills the gaps of traditional wellness and fitness programs-A program designed with US in mind-and I cannot WAIT to share it with you!

Mary you have helped me believe in myself, that my health and life are worth investing in and taking care of and you have inspired me daily. Thank you! I love you🥰-Linda Keyes Siefert

This groups helps me feel like I am not alone going thru life with diabetes. Seeing everyone's posts about their struggles or how they've overcome their goal really encourages me. I'm so glad I'm a part of this SMS group ❤- Carrie Long

Before being welcomed into this wonderful family, I didn't test my sugars regularly and now I do. This family has made me feel happy and more responsible for my diabetic needs💕-Gruntie Cargile

This group has given me confidence that i can do this no matter what happens in my life. The love and encouragement means the world to me. I have learned that when i slip its not failure learn from it and go on. I know im not alone here on this journey. Everyone is so honest and real in here which is amazing. Thank you for this Mary Van Doorn. -Debra Robison

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